Hedonite EP

by Rats Rest

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7" single released on STARCLEANER RECORDS.


released February 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Rats Rest Kansas City, Missouri

Cinque A, Timmy P, Maria P, Mike W.... P.A.W.P.

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Track Name: Hedonite
doing time out here
just waiting for the cause
something big and worth defending
and in between the times when
things were poppin off
we were stoned and watching
as the world was ending
broken-hearted drunken kids
not quite pretending

but now its plain to see
there's a price to pay
staying free
here's to diving in too deep
you can see but you can't breathe

smashing headfirst through
the same revolving door
and I know that I'll regret it
never be enough of us
to even up the score
and we dried up all the water
used for crying
in a world where everything
is slowly dying

I got the best of me
try to believe its not
how I wanted it to be
the blankest mind
the missing history
you gotta know its not
how I wanted it to be

the dead bones of everything
have washed up on the shore
and the sun bleached out the color
petrified and permanent
and here forever more
the same spark that puts
the lust for life in living
so beautiful and cold and unforgiving

we did it yes indeed
we tempted fate and
fought a war with destiny
the endless feast
of burning entropy
you gotta know its not
how i wanted it to be

Track Name: Out Of The Darkness, Into The Night
when everything's fucked
and you shit the bed
and nothing's gonna work out right
and you'll go to prison
for the rest of your life
if you try to step up the fight
you can roll twenty deep
while the city sleeps
feel your people come back to life
wiggle in the middle of the sweaty pile!
out of the darkness
into the night!
thats right!

taste of this freedom goddammit
burning bittersweet
love it a little harder
its the victory!
feel the defeat!
there's no surrender
there's no retreat
shake it til you break it
destroy reality!

when you get tired
of living the chaos
too bad baby
its too late
we still got fights to face
in the war...
even though
we don't wanna
burn it slow
lasts longer