(We Must Destroy The) Honky Menace

by Rats Rest

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Unreleased song recorded in Kansas City in 2014 in the same sessions as the "Hedonite" and "Permanent Catastrophe" 7"s.


Suburban bred authoritarian
Serving middle class sick warmed over again
Spend your time pointing fingers and whine
Reason undermined again
Accusing everybody cuz you're racked with guilt
Better agonize with you over milk you spilt
Or you'll threaten me and call heresy..

If I find another way
If I take issue with what you say
If I care about people anyway

Powerless and self-obsessed
Taking it out on all the rest
Of the people who aren't privy to
Elitist politics
Now you sit pretty on your privilege
Telling everybody else how they're supposed to live
Wallowing in misery

You're the sadness
In our species
The way you're seeing things
Has no meaning
Just ignoring
The humanity
Self flagellating
Cuz you're guilty

There's nothing wrong with standing up
Demanding your respect
But it's a waste of time when its combined
With a superiority complex
You don't change people's minds
By acting like a power tripping pig
You're vision's too small
For a world this big

Powerless and self-obsessed
Taking it out on all the rest
Of the people who won't worship you
Cuz we found another way
And we take issue with what you say
And we care about people any god damn way


released October 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Rats Rest Kansas City, Missouri

Cinque A, Timmy P, Maria P, Mike W.... P.A.W.P.

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