Permanent Catastrophe EP

by Rats Rest

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7" EP released on German label ERSTE THEKE TONTRAEGER.


released February 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Rats Rest Kansas City, Missouri

Cinque A, Timmy P, Maria P, Mike W.... P.A.W.P.

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Track Name: Impossible Machine
an impossibly tiny thread
through the bone of my forehead
my heart could not push blood
but i knew i wasn't dead
and at the other end
the impossible machine
and a crowd of ugly men
they will send it down the string

and i don't know
what they want from me
unreasonable things

bite through the plastic tube
spraying blood into the room
somehow moving down the hall
then i slip and then i fall
a stranger takes my hand
and she helps me try to stand
and she asks me if i can
explain to her just who i am

now i'm sitting in a chair
she washes blood out of my hair
oh yes, she wants me to stay
she says it'll be okay
but i can still hear that creeping sound
oh yes, i know they're still around
they got that thing pointed at my face
and i gotta leave this place

and i don't know
if it's them or me
supplying the power
to the machine

then my father came to hold me
and he told me not to worry
i would find a way
even though the men were crazy
and the machine so very deadly
i would find a way
to cut the string
to be free
Track Name: Permanent Catastrophe
looking out from the darkness
and the shit keeps rolling on by
grabbing hold of my brain and i keep falling
it's past the point of shedding tears
it ain't no use to sit and cry

everybody knows the reason why

in the parade of damaged people now
it's the blind leading the screwed
laughing or crying we keep falling
another day goes by
another species dies
it ain't no use to sit and cry

everybody knows the reason why

gripped by this feeling
this terrible urgency
everything conceivable
it's an aspect of the permanent catastrophe
and it's killing me

at the slightest provocation now
my heart's skipping a beat
one thoughtful gesture and i'm falling
i see a light in you
but it runs me through
and all i can do is sit and cry

everybody knows the reason why

gripped by the feeling
this terrible urgency
everything is nothing
and it burns inside of me
gripped by this feeling
this terrible urgency
everything conceivable
is an aspect of
the permanent catastrophe

it's killing me
it's killing you
it's killing we
Track Name: Little Maniac
in the tangle of a thousand ugly tubes
hanging from a rack
was a button you could slowly push
to make the blood die back
and it boiled and it bubbled
in the mouth of the fallen man
so i pushed the plastic button like
don't cry little maniac
if you can

the room began to fade away
just points of light in empty space
waiting for me
it wasn't words that i heard
just the blinding light of a crazy song
blasting through my heart
and i felt everything at once and i was moved
faraway unafraid
nothing to prove

out there past mortality
ego scattered to the wind
unfettered by false reality
we communicate again
and i cursed the shit dimension
and all its pointless suffering
and i want so much to tell them
but what the hell
what the fuck could i say
nobody believes anything anyway

they burst into the bedroom
where i laid awake in bed
terrified in sunlight
and i knew that he was dead
i said don't cry please don't cry
to this day i don't know why
Track Name: Leaders' Philosophy
rolling with the crazies
down the hill into the forest
where all the trees have smiling faces
and the wind comes blowing in
a thousand singing voices
to me it's all there is

then the day came when
the bitter wind came blowing in
i could feel the whole world shrinking
the savage images of
the leaders' philosophy
trapped inside now
never to escape
frozen with disbelief
and standing beside myself

it just can't be
not just a sad little boy's dream
didn't wanna see
now there's a scared little boy's dream
fomenting all the things
that can't be realized
and it takes up all of my time

it just can't be
not just a sad little boy's dream
everyone can see
i got a scared little boy's dream
trapped inside never to escape
to guide me when everything's at stake
you won't find me
begging to please
the leaders' philosophy